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This product is exclusively designed to assist disabled individuals in performing activities of daily
living for mobility and toileting; use is for one person only. The use of multiple people at once is
not permissible and the use for other activities is not permitted.

Name: Transport Commode Wheelchair
Model No. : TCM-01A
Max. load: 120kg
Dimension: L: 700mm
W: 535mm
H: 940mm
Weight: 1 8kg
Braking system: foot brake


Tubes: Intensified steel with thickness of 2.0, and of EN standard

Sitting board: Supported by steel plate, and coated with medical

engineering plastic ABS

Back: Backrests of the basic version and of the extended version are

made of PE materials; Superior is made of Foam-molded PU

Pedal: Engineering plastics, sturdy and enduring

Handle: Engineering plastics

Patient's holder: Eco-friendly rubber

 2. Product Features
a) Patented
b) Assisting the mobility-impaired in moving from wheelchair to sofa,
bed, bathroom, and other places so that they can perform day to day activities on their own.
c) Wide-ranged folding design saves labor and reduces waist-bearing.
d) Max. load of 120kgs makes it applicable to different body shapes.
e) Adjustable height.
f) The mute wheels, wheel brake system and double buckles ensure
high security.
g) Water-proof material.
h) Soft cushion for long-time sitting and various using applications.
i) There is a small tube for the infusion support. The tube is detachable
and changeable to left or right side.

 Product Applications

This moving chair is delicately designed for patients and the elderly with mobility difficulty, and it is an ideal tool for families, medical institutions and nursing homes etc.