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Introducing our cervical collar, designed to provide effective support and stabilization for those suffering from neck pain and injuries. Made with high-quality materials such as polyurethane, polyester, and nylon, this neck brace is both durable and comfortable. This adjustable neck brace is perfect for individuals suffering from cervical whiplash injuries, sprains, and strains, as well as those recovering from cervical disc herniation or minor trauma. It is also suitable for post-operative care and those with disorders or torticollis. Featuring mild stabilization and support on the neck region, this collar is designed to help stabilize the vertebrae and reduce pain and discomfort. The skin-friendly liner ensures maximum comfort and fitting for the user. The adjustable stabilization by back velcro allows for a customized fit, while the reinforced high-density foam provides stable support. For accurate sizing, please refer to the size chart in the product gallery. The additional info section provides the box measurements. Don't let neck pain and discomfort hinder your daily activities. Invest in our cervical collar for effective neck pain relief and support.