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Light Weight Foldable Rollator Walker with Basket

This product is exclusively designed as an aid for mobility for disabled
individuals in performing activities of daily living. The lightweight 4-wheeled Rollator is designed
to aid the user to walk, and as an option, carry items such as shopping. Use is for one person
only. The use of multiple people at once is not permissible and the use for other activities is not


Make sure that you adopt a comfortable posture and that you can operate the brakes
with ease.
Ensure the walker is always fully folded out before using.
Ensure that the handles are at equal heights and securely locked in position.
Ensure that all the wheels are stable and are on the ground before using.
Exercise caution on slopes and wet, slipper, and icy surfaces.
Ensure that the brakes are adequate and test before using.
Ensure that the brakes are always locked on when sitting on the seat and ensure the
user sits in the center of the seat.
Do not use your walking aid to replace a wheelchair or for transporting people and
heavy objects. When seated, the brakes should be applied.