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Hot & Cold Calf Compression Sleeve | Compression Calf Wrap - JJ HealthCare Products Toronto

    • Three Therapy in One (Compression, Cold & Hot Therapy.
    • Easy & Comfortable use for first aid during Sports activities, Velcro Fastener for easy fitting.
    • Support with ICE HOT GEL PACK with compressor.
    • Providing Support, compression and stability on the applied regions, Mobility during treatment.
    • Detachable Gel Pack for Microwaveable and waterproof(Heat up to 80°C) & Frostbite-Proof.


Class 3: High Support

Material: Polyester, Polyurethane, Rubber, Nylon, Polyvinyl chloride, Gel, Polyacetal


Acute Sprain & Strain
Swelling & Edema
Bursitis & Arthritis
Muscle Pain & Tendonitis
Acute Sports injuries (First Aid)
Post Operative treatment

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