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- Reusable, suitable for both cold and hot therapy
- Heat up to 80°C (Hot Water or Microwave)
- APPLIED to Sports Medicine and First aid in acute sports injuries
- Larger size for a broad range of regions in use & applications
- Soft Fabric for user’s maximum comfort and skin-friendly


When used as an ICE COLD pack, reduces muscle spasms, pain, swelling, and/or bruising after any type of trauma, dental procedure, or insect bite. It is best used in the first 48 hours when applied to the affected area to reduce swelling around the injury. ICE treatment may also be sued for chronic conditions before activity.

The hot Gel pack is excellent for sore, stiff, nagging muscles, joint pain, chronic injuries, or injuries with no inflammation. It can help to reduce muscle spasms, alleviate pain, elevate blood flow, and boost metabolism.
Material: PVC, Nylon, Non-toxic Gel

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