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This product is exclusively designed for laying down on for the articulation and support of the head and foot sections for the patient. It is to be used as a mattress support system. Use for only one person. The use of multiple people at once is not permissible and the use for other activities is not permitted.


1. Specifications

1) The maximum adjustable angle of the backboard is not less than 70。

2) The maximum adjustable angle of the calf board is not less than 40°

3) When the calf board is adjusted to 40, the footboard is adjusted to the maximum position, and the angle between the two boards is not less than 130°

4) The backboard, calf board, and footboard can be adjusted freely within the adjustable range.

  1. Operation Function

1) Press the buttons with an arrowhead on the control board, then the backboard, calf board, and foot board can be adjusted and elevated or lowered smoothly.

2) Press the buttons with an arrowhead on the control board, then the whole bed can be elevated or lowered smoothly.

  1. Capacity

The load capacity of the bed is 135 kg.

  1. Castors

1) Castor can turn smoothly.

2) Each castor is with a lock. The lock is safe and easy to use.

  1. Bed Accessories

1) Optional accessories: mattress. 1.V. stand, mosquito net rack, food tray, supporting stand. The accessories can be used with different kinds of beds manufactured by our factory.

2) The accessories have good intensity. They are firm and reliable when in use and convenient to install and remove. They will not influence other functions of the bed.

3) The adjusting range of 1.V. stand hanger from the bed surface is 800 mm-1 300mm. After the fixed pole and adjusting pole are locked, they will not move reversely.

4) The height of the bed rail is about 350mm, and the length is not less than half of the overall length of the bed body.