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1. Economic Electric wheelchair with very stable quality
2. Easy folding electric wheelchair, quick detachable battery box
3. Customized color of chair frame and seats is accepted.
4. Seat width is optional.
5. Battery is optional. (12AH, 20AH lead-acid battery & 20AH lithium battery)
6. Steel / Aluminum frame is available.
7. With or without electromagnetic brake.


 Specifications (CM)

  • Overall width: 63.5cm
  • Overall Length: 111cm
  • Seat Depth: 43.5cm
  • Seat width: 45cm
  • Real wheel dia.: 18"
  • Front wheel dia.: 10"
  • Seat height: 52.5cm
  • Overall height: 96.5cm
  • Endurance: 15-20 km
  • Speed: 1~6 km/h
  • Battery: 24V 12/20AH
  • Motor: 250W Motor
  • Crossing ability: 4
  • Gradient: 12°
  • Loading capacity: 100kg
  • Measurement: 88*44*82cm
  • NW (kg): 49
  • GW (kg): 56


Product Performance
This series of electric wheelchairs are powered by battery, driven by DC motor. Users control
direction and adjust speed by joystick controller. It is suitable for application of low speed, good
road condition and small slope.
Main Structure
This series of electric wheelchairs are mainly composed of two parts:
1) Frame Part: frame, wheel, footrest, armrest, backrest etc.
2) Electrical Part: controller, motor, battery.
Application Range
Our electric wheelchair is for disabled and elderly people (less than 100kg) using as walking
vehicle, suitable for outdoor middle-distance use. Do not use on the motorways.