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Your perfect companion for outdoor adventures.

The Fortress S700 mobility scooter is the leader of the pack with superior outdoor performance features. It's truly a mobility scooter designed for those who just can't sit still. There's no need to worry about distance either as the large battery capacity will power an extended range. You're also assured of a smoother, rewarding drive each and every time with the advanced 4 wheel suspension.

Pure outdoor performance

Experience a smoother and rewarding drive each and every time with the S700's all-round advanced suspension. Every wheel has it's own independent suspension, so whether you're cruising around town or travelling over more varied terrain, you're assured of the ultimate comfort over every bump you may encounter.

Powerful LED's to light your way

With advanced LED lighting technology, the lights on the S700 mobility scooter are 400 times more energy efficient than standard bulbs, so not only are you using less battery power on every trip, you also won't have to worry about changing bulbs either.

Comfort on every trip

Finding your perfect seating position for those long journey's is effortless with the easy-to-adjust luxury seating. Adjust the seat height, depth and recline to suit your own unique driving position. The flip-up comfort armrests are also width, angle and depth adjustable - and combined with the seat rotation ensures that transferring in and out of your mobility scooter is effortless.

Product Width:26"
Product Length:59"
Seat Height:18" - 20.6"
Turning Radius:116"

Max. Speed:15 km/h (9.3 mph)
Battery Size:11"
User Weight Capacity:350 lbs.
Product Weight: 321 lbs. incl. batteries
For over 30 years, Fortress has designed and built mobility scooters to the highest standards, providing the comfort and safety every customer needs. From the shopping centre to the country, the new luxury S-Series scooters by Fortress are ready for any journey. Packed full of exciting features with superb driving dynamics, stylish looks from every angle, there’s an S-Series mobility scooter to suit everyone. Experience luxury in motion with the Fortress S-Series scooters.
Powerful all-around directional LED lighting is designed for long-term performance. Technology with style on the Fortress S-Series.
With advanced LED lighting technology, the S-Series scooters are much more energy efficient than using standard bulbs, meaning more power and range on every trip. INNOVATION IN DESIGN Safety as standard, S-Series models all feature high visibility rear LED indicators, position and brake lights.
Finding your perfect driving position is a breeze with the infinitely adjustable tiller. Clever design means the headlight automatically tilts as the tiller is adjusted.
The S-Series advanced seating solution takes comfort to the highest level, from the seat height, depth and recline adjustments, to the flip-up, width, angle and depth adjustable comfort armrests – every feature has been designed for comfort – for you.
The luxury S700, with superior outdoor performance is your perfect companion for the ultimate outdoor adventures, to take you where you want to go. There’s no need to worry about distance either as the large 75Ah battery size will power an extended range and a lively top speed of 15 km/h (9.3 mph). The high performance design means gradients and higher curbs are tackled with ease every time. The large tires, generous legroom and advanced 4-wheel suspension provides a smooth, rewarding and comfortable drive each and every time.

Maximum speed: 15 km/h (9.3 mph)
Maximum user weight: 160 kg (350 lbs)
Battery size: 75Ah x 2
Charger: 8 Amp
Maximum potential range: 55 km(34 miles)
Maximum power: 2700 W
All around LED lighting: Yes
Easy adjust tiller & wig wag control: Yes
Suspension: Yes
Tires: 330 mm (13”) pneumatic
Overall width / length: 655 mm (~26”) / 1500 mm (~59”)
Seat width x depth: 490 m (~19”) x 490 mm (~19”)
Seat height range: 450 mm - 500 mm (~18” to ~20”)
Maximum Safe Slope: 10 degrees at 160 kg (350 lbs)
Minimum turning radius: 2950 mm (~116”)
Colour: Urban Grey
Scooter weight inc. batteries: 146 kg