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 Class 1: Low Support

  • Dr. Med. Gradual Compression Knee Sleeve provides excellent warmth and gradual compression on the knee region for relieving pain and swelling.
  • Beneficial in improving blood flow, protecting weakened muscles, preventing sports injuries, and speedy recovery from a knee injury.
  • High-quality Elastic material for maximum fitting, comfort, and flexibility and can be used daily for a longer duration.
  • Enhanced Gradual Compression in the knee for firm support better blood circulation and reduced pain and swelling.
  • Relieves mild sprains & strains, supports weak muscles, and joint pains, and protects from slight injuries, trauma, and contusions.

This Dr. Med. Gradual Compression Knee Sleeve helps relieve pain and swelling by providing excellent warmth and gradual compression on the knee region. Made from a durable, breathable high-quality elastic material that provides a maximum fitting, comfort, and flexibility making it is ideal for daily use throughout your activity. Our knee compression sleeve offers enhanced gradual compression for firm support, improved blood circulation, and reduced swelling and pain. Whether you are suffering from mild sprains, slight injuries, sore joints, strain on the knee ligament, arthritis, trauma, or weak muscles this knee brace is the perfect fit for all your knee problems.

Material: Polyurethane, Nylon


- Proprioception of the Knee
- Muscle weakness of the Knee
- Knee joint Pain
- Knee Slight Injuries, Traumas & contusions
- Mild Sprain & Strain on the Knee Ligament

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