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Q50 R (including 1 x 10ah Lithium Battery, and charger)
Q50 R Carbon - Features
Standard features - Maximum 300 lbs User Weight
• Carbon Fibre Frame, 32 lbs weight - no batteries
• Folding and locking carbon fibre armrests
• P&G Brushless DC Controller and Joystick
• Velcro folding strap for easy storage
• Carbon Fibre platform footrest
• Anti-tipper
• 10ah Lithium Battery (240Wh) - IATA Approved
• Belt
• 6kph, 250 watts, brushless low maintenance motors
• 6" front and 8" rear Mageniusm wheels, solid black 
• Rear QUICKIE Stop lights
• Storage Bag (under seat)

Product Width:22"
Product Length:36"
Seat Width:17"
Seat Depth:16.5"
Back Height:18"
Turning Radius:31.5"

Max. Range:
  • 12 km (one battery)
  • 24 km (with optional additional battery)
Max. Speed:6 kph
Battery Size:10Ah lithium-ion
Drive Wheel Position:Rear
Wheel Options:
  • Caster wheel: 6.5"
  • Drive wheel: 8"
User Weight Capacity:300 lbs.

Product Weight:
  • Chair (without batteries): from 32 lbs.
  • Battery (single): 3 lbs.

Travel lighter with QUICKIE's lightest carbon folding powerchair. Weighing from just 32 lbs.
Long-haul getaways. Family breaks. The daily commute. Whatever your destination, the QUICKIE Q50 R Carbon is your perfect travel partner. Weighing a mere 32 lbs. (without batteries) and fabricated from premium carbon fibre, take a load off your mind (and your arms) knowing that this powerchair can be lifted effortlessly. Foldable in seconds, it stores snugly away in the tightest of places, too (and all without removing the battery). Ready to go out? The Q50 R Carbon packs the robust, reliable QUICKIE performance to get you from A-B (or even A-Z, thanks to its extended 15-mile range).
Ridiculously light, 32 lbs. carbon design.
Carbon fibre. Light, but incredibly strong. In fact, some of the lightest things on Earth are made of it, including the Q50 R Carbon - one of the world's lightest carbon folding power wheelchairs. Completely alluring. Completely arresting. And weighing just 32 lbs., its shock value is more than skin deep. The carbon frame can naturally flex over uneven surfaces, providing unique shock-absorbing characteristics to deliver one of the smoothest, most efficient rides around.
Travels in spaces (and to places) other power wheelchairs can't.
Vacation without a bulky power wheelchair? The Q50 R Carbon folds so ridiculously compact when folded (14.5" length x 22.5" width x 30" height), it can fit just about anywhere! Take the train, hop on the bus, or store away in the trunk of the smallest car – it's perfect for exploring places, near or far. Ridiculously light, it's also a breeze to lift in and out, too.
Approved for air travel*
Are you planning to travel internationally? You can take the Q50 R Carbon with you since its Lithium-Ion battery is approved by IATA (International Air Transport Association) for transportation on aircraft.
* Individual airlines have different requirements relative to transport of products with Li-Ion batteries. Prior to arranging any air travel with the wheelchair, please confirm with your airline or carrier that they accept battery-powered vehicles under UN classification: UN3171. Please refer to the owner's manual for further details.
Light on weight, heavy on reliability.
For over 40 years, we've been working alongside world-class manufacturers to deliver solidly built power wheelchairs that have the very best driving performance, motors, range, and reliability that others just can't match. That's why the Q50 R Carbon's 250W high efficiency brushless motors provide the power and reliability you need from your power wheelchair (including climbing obstacles of up to 1.5"). Highly optimized, they'll also deliver the very best range from your batteries, too.
Go further with an extended range of 24 km.
Prefer to leave the car at home? Enjoy a range of up to 12 km with the Q50 R Carbon's 10Ah lithium-ion battery. If you're looking to go further, its additional battery slot allows you to bring an (optional) second battery along for the ride, doubling your range to up to 24 km!