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EZee Tape kinesiology tape supports the natural healing process and cannot be considered as medication!

EZee Tape kinesiology tape does not guarantee injury prevention! EZee Tape cannot be held liable for such injuries.

All liability is precluded if the recommendations for use are not taken into account.

Tips and information for use

  1. Prior to usage, we recommended testing a small piece of EZee Tape kinesiology tape. In case of allergic reactions, oversensitivity or irritations, immediately remove and discontinue use of the tape. Notice that some reactions are not immediately perceptible. Therefore it is advised to test approximately 48 hours before use.
  2. Prior to usage, the skin needs to be cleaned and dried for optimal adhesion.
  3. Apply EZee Tape kinesiology tape with a small amount of stretch onto the skin. The ends of the tape need to be free of stretching. If the stretch is too high, remove the tape.
  4. It is recommended to remove EZee Tape kinesiology tape in hair direction. Also prevent the skin from high tension when removing the tape.
  5. Round all corners of the tape pieces for optimal adhesion.


  1. EZee Tape is only to be used under the direction of professional therapists or specialists with adequate level of knowledge in the field of kinesio taping.
  2. EZee Tape should only be used use on healthy skin.
  3. EZee Tape kinesiology tape may not be used on the face, damaged skin, burns or irritated skin.
  4. Keep EZee Tape kinesiology tape out of reach of children.

Model Numbers & Colours

Model # Type Colour
CH5300 Synthetic Beige
CH5301 Synthetic Blue
CH5302 Synthetic Pink
CH5303 Synthetic Black
CH5320 Cotton Beige
CH5321 Cotton Blue
CH5322 Cotton Pink
CH5323 Cotton Black